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1 – The aim of the Club Championship is to encourage competition between club members at all levels and to ensure a good turnout at local events. Events are chosen to provide variety and are suitable for members of all levels within the club. Note, some races do fill up quickly so early entry is recommended.

2 – The Club Championship is awarded against 8 pre-selected races and 1 race chosen by the competitor (see table below). The races are of varying distances and run from 01 January 2019 to 04 November 2019 (inclusive).

3 – There is no minimum number of races in order to compete for the Club Championship. Your best five races will count towards your final score.

4 – Athletes must be a paid up Larkfield AC member at the time of the race, i.e. if you sign up in August, pre-August results won’t be included in your final result. Your official membership date will start when either of the following have been met:

  • The Membership Secretary or another Larkfield AC Committee Member is in receipt of the full membership fee (cash or cheque) and a completed membership form.
  • Payment of membership via BACS and completed membership form emailed to
  • NB: Annual membership renewals (i.e. full payment of 2019 subs and completed membership form) must be received by 01 April 2019.
  • Larks that have entered or nominated races between Jan-March 2019 but have not renewed by 01 April 2019 will not be included in the results.
  • Future races will also not count until membership renewal has taken place.

5 – First claim runners and second claim runners, whose first claim team does not have a road running section, will qualify.

6 – Athletes are to enter races as a Larkfield Athletic Club runner and are obliged to wear a club vest. Where Larks are running in the race for charity, charity attire may be worn instead.

7 – Points are awarded based on improvements made against your personal best taken from 2017 & 2018. Where no time has been recorded for a certain distance during that period, ten points will be awarded for the first finish at that distance.

8 – For the one race you self-select / nominate, please ensure you email the date and name of the race before the race starts to – note all races must take place on or before 27 November 2019. Races after this date will not be included.

9 – To be eligible for championship points, you must finish the race and be allocated an official finishing result. Chip timing will be used where available. If not available, the gun time will be used. The organiser’s results will be considered as final, not your Garmin time!

10 – On 28 November 2018, runners’ best five results will be totalled. Prizes will be allocated 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

11 – In the event of a tie, the award will be shared.

12 – If any Championship race is cancelled by the Race or Club Championship Secretary or deemed not suitable, for whatever reason, a new race will be substituted – time and/or alternative race permitting. If it has not been possible to reschedule a race this will reduce the total number of Championship races.

13 – The awards will be presented at the annual Larkfield AC Christmas party in December.

    Club Champ FAQs

    No. To keeps things fresh and current, Larks are looking to improve their race times from the previous two years (2017 & 2018) only. The fastest time that you have ran the four distances (5K, 10K, 10 miles and half-marathon) in the last two years will be the time used in the 2018 club championship. It could be potentially unrealistic and disheartening for some people to go back several years to challenge a personal best. Please view it as a personal bonus if you are able to beat your lifelong PB. However points will be worked out on the fastest times taken between January 2017 to December 2018.

    Case study:

    Dave is in the veteran V55 category. His lifetime PB for a 10K was recorded as 34:12 when he was 31.

    His 10K PB for the club championship for 2016 was confirmed as 49:12 at the Lydd 10K in August 2015. This was the fastest time Dave has completed a 10K between January 2014 and December 2015.

    Dave nominates the Ashford 10K in February 2016 as his extra 10K race. Dave improves upon his club championship PB by running 48:59. This has now become his club championship PB.

    Dave also enters the Whitstable 10K in May 2016. This is not part of the 12 pre-selected races and neither can it be nominated as his extra 10K as he had already nominated Ashford 10K.

    Dave improves on his PB at Whitstable and finishes it in 47:08. However, this time does not count in the club championship standings and 48:59 remains his PB in the club championship.

    Dave has never taken part in a Parkrun (clearly he does not know what he missing)! Dave takes part in the Maidstone Parkrun on 07 May 2016. This is one of the 12 pre-selected races. Dave finishes the race in 24:47. Dave is automatically awarded 8 points. 8 points is the maximum number of points awarded for the first finish at that distance.

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